Herbal Treatments for Herpes

What Herpes Is

Herpes is the universal term for the seven known types of viral infections that affect people. Oral and genital herpes are the most common. Oral herpes can be detected through sores around the mouth and lips. Genital herpes affects the “private parts”. Fortunately, there are herbal treatments for herpes that are successfully applied to both.

If you notice any symptoms similar to herpes in yourself, please, consult your physician and, if your suspicion proves, get as much information on treatment as possible. It is transmitted, so you must be well versed on the disease to improve your own health and prevent your partner from catching it.

Herbal Treatments Provide Three-Layer Defense System against Herpes

There are herbal treatments for herpes that boost the three lines of defense against attacks by herpes. Capsuled mixtures, tinctures and teas intended for internal intake, work to enforce the immune system – the first layer of defense. This will help the body keep the outbreak down and minimize symptoms.

The second layer of defense is responsible for countering stress. Emotional stress may impact immune system very badly and thus make your body more vulnerable to virus attacks. There are supportive herbs that relieve stress and therefore enable the immune system to combat the virus. Thirdly, there are herbal remedies that are used externally on affected areas and help reduce the discomfort.

Make Your Immune System Work Better

There are lots of herbs that support the immune system, and here is a list of herbs that can give it a boost. It is absolutely imperative that you show it to your doctor, naturopath or an herbalist, because some may not mix with other medications or may not be applicable in some cases. Please, do not start any herbal treatments for herpes without consulting a qualified specialist!

Here are the herbs that support the immune system:

  • Echinacea, especially when used with goldenseal, provides viable protection against viral attacks. Echinacea is used internally and is available in capsules, as a tincture or tea (infusion).
  • Pau d’arco is also good for immune system, and it is taken as a capsule, tincture or tea.
  • Burdock root is best taken as tincture or infusion, and it deals with the blisters. This herb has proven effective in treating the external manifestations of herpes.

Herbal Remedies will give you recipes for immune-boosting teas to combat virus.

Make Away With Stress and Help Your Body Heal!

Stress negatively affects the immune system, hindering the body’s natural defense mechanisms against viruses such as the herpes virus. Eliminating or reducing stress helps your overall health as well as improves your body’s chances of responding positively to the virus.

Stress is highly destructive for immune system. It makes your body exposed to herpes and other viruses. The better you are at fighting off stress, there better your general health is and the less likely you are to be obliterated by the virus.

To eliminate stress, please, use the following methods:

  • Make sure you have enough sleep. Most people sleep less than required. Although this may not feel too bad, those who sleep less than seven to eight hours each day are much more sensitive to stress.
  • Do your best to free your environment from noise. In fact, few people know that noise actually affects the subconscious and increases the risk of stress. Eliminate excess noise in your environment.
  • Make a little research on ways to relieve stress and familiarize yourself with time management techniques.
  • Take as much water every day as you can.

Stress-relieving herbal remedies include ones based on chamomile and other herbs that help relieve anxiety and fear.

Get Rid of The Sores

Sores can be treated with herbal salves, which are obtained by mixing herbs. To reduce the itching and tingling and intensify the healing process, you can use aloe vera gel. You can also battle the symptoms by aid of lemon balm. Camomile and calendula can be used effectively as topical medications.

Before treating external herpes symptoms, please, wash your hands with warm soapy water. Do not touch objects before your hands dry off. If you are going to use external remedies, consult your physician. This is an absolute MUST if you are already using some other topical prescription medication!

Proper Diet Will Help Suppress Herpes Manifestations

Some vitamins and supplements have proven effective in reducing the consequences of herpes outbreaks. Lysine is a natural amino acid, and it is believed to ease herpes symptoms. You can increase the intake of lysine by adding more foods that contain it, to your daily ratio: vegetables, beans, chicken, fish and milk. It is also available as a food supplement.

Vitamin C and B-complex can also be helpful in combating herpes symptoms. It is advisable for patients to cut down on Agrinine-rich foods, such as wheat, oats, nuts and chocolate. Agrinine is an amino acid too, but it often has the opposite effect. It is also recommended to reduce the intake of white sugar and flour.